Product Exclusions


Footwear:  10061024, 10073009, 10361024, 12122001, 12135214, 12668214, 12707001, 12709713, 12807001, 12809713, 12907001, 12909713, 14176231, 15130214, 15551210, 15945713, 18128242, 18139001, 18193001, 23398001, 23399231, 2730R242, 2731R001, 44990001, 72066026, 8658A001, A156S001, A161G231, A17KC001, A17KY001, A18A6210, A18AH210, A18RI231, A1J1N230, A1NRW110, A1Q52254, A258X033, A25N7015, A2C3S231, A2DZ2015, A2DZD110, A2GFT001, special releases and collaborations.

Apparel: A2AJ1002, A2AJ1210, A2BJ8210, A2BJH001, A2BJH210, A2BVF001, A2BVF210, A2C2R210, A2C2RP56, A2FYE001, A2FYE210, special releases, and collaborations.

Pro Footwear:  26063214, 26078242, 26388210, 47028210, 52562214, 65016713, 65030713, 92615214, 92671214, A176A001, A1B7F001, A1HQL214, A1Q54214, A1Q8O214, A1Q8V214, A1RVS214, A1S5M001, A225Q214, A24BH214, A262R214, A1ZA2001, A1ZC9001, A1ZR1214, A1ZRC214, A2174001, A1KRQ214, A267H214, A27BG214, A27W7001, A27WT065, A27X5001, A283H001, A2844001, A28QQ214, A28SB214, A28X1231, A291H001, A2959214, A29AA214, A29B8214, A29FB484, A29G9214, A29H7214, A29HT214, A29J3001, A29JP214, A29KY214, A29QB001, A29RK214, A29RV001, A29TG214, A29UP001, A29V1214, A29X8214, A29ZQ214, A2A3K001, A2A47001, A2AEK713, A2AXR214, A2AZ1214, A28PT001, A28WF001, A285P001, A2B6X065, A2N17001, A2N5V484, A41WY100, A41XY827, A2CDF065, A2N84100, A2MGD065, A2CAA214, A2B52214, A2BZU065, A2CV8001, A2NY3214, A4115214, A2CFX214, A2P3R001, A2PKQ214, A41UY214

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Please note that additional product may be excluded from certain promotions. If a product is excluded, it will be noted on the product page.