Field Tests: Waterproof Jackets

Brave the weather

Like our original yellow boot (and every rugged boot we’ve made since), our outerwear has been designed to withstand the harshest of weathers while still making a style statement.

We’ve designed our waterproof jackets with the same dedication and craftsmanship. Whether you’re running to catch the subway, defying the weather on a rainy day wandering the city, or dashing between errands, you’ll stay dry in our DryVent™  waterproof technology. The outer layer repels wet weather and protects, while the inner-layer seals the jacket separating it from the outside while channeling water vapor to the outer layer where it evaporates.

If you’re in any doubt about the water-resistance of our outerwear, just check out the video below of the Kibby Mountain Hooded Bomber Jacket to see what we mean:

Waterproof Jackets | Brave the weather

Our waterproof jackets are lab-tested and approved, so we sent our test subject into the rain to prove it – see them in action.

So when staying dry both inside and out is essential, throw on our lab- and field-tested DryVent™ waterproof technology to keep you snug. Rainstorms welcome.

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