Our Race


We’ll take back your worn TIMBERLAND® footwear, apparel and accessories at the end of their lives and give them new ones, ensuring that our products never have to see a landfill. Our circularity platform refurbishes worn products for resale or if beyond repair, we take them apart and re-use or recycle the pieces in to new materials.

give new life to old gear

give new life
to old gear

Don't toss your old things. Send them to us. It's easy.

Don't toss your old things.
Send them to us. It's easy.

How to return your
worn items

Drop in store

Recycle your worn Timberland® footwear, apparel and accessories here, and we will give it a new life.

Drop in a box
and send it

Download a free return label. Put it in a box you have laying around and give your old stuff a new life.

Your reward


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Our vision For 2030

By 2030, all of our products will create a net positive impact on the Earth, giving back to Nature more than we take. One way we’re going to get there is by creating products designed for circularity. With our TIMBERLOOP™ program, nothing goes to waste to close the loop.


of our products will be designed for circularity

Ultimately, aiming for zero waste and zero impact.


of our natural materials will be sourced through regenerative agriculture

Which draws carbon out of the air into the soil and helps to restore our environment. This aims to tip the scales past zero to have a positive impact.

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