Nature Needs Heroes

We’re calling on those who care about the world we live in and are willing to do something to make it better. Nature Needs Heroes.


Our brand started with a boot, but it’s now becoming something much bigger. It’s become a mission. A movement. Our soul.

We’re calling on those who aren’t afraid to pull their boots on, get their hands dirty and dig in. Those who won’t take “no” for an answer. Those who care about the world we live in and know that a greener future is a better future. And those that will unite this same spirit in others.

Why? Because there is strength in numbers. In momentum. In being the voice for many. We will advocate, enlist and activate. We will turn our customers into stewards and the stewards into fans.

We’ll provide the anthem for every person everywhere to shout to strangers on the street. Our streets. We will empower anyone to come with us and grab the hand of another.

And another.
And another.

We can all be Earthkeepers.
We can all be heroes.

Every last one of us.
Nature Needs Heroes.