Harvesting hope for Haiti

Harvesting Hope for Haiti

For the first time in 30 years, smallholder farmers came together in a field in Gonaives, Haiti, to harvest cotton.

For decades the production of Haiti’s fourth largest crop had come to a halt due to politics - a devastating loss both agriculturally and economically for the country. That’s why we’re partnering with the Smallholders Farmer Alliance (SFA) – to bring back cotton and to help reforest and restore Haiti’s community.

Cotton harvesting in Haiti

The harvest of the test crop is our first step in selecting what variety of cotton can be grown on a large scale. Next up is test crop analysis. The results will come back in August and a winner will be chosen. This will put us one step closer to our goal of purchasing one-third of our global cotton supply from the SFA.

Cotton harvesting in Haiti

“This is a great day for Haiti,” smallholder farmer Nerlande Dautarn said as she harvested cotton from the test fields. “My parents and grandparents grew cotton not too far from here and now I can tell my children cotton is back after a long time away.”

Cotton harvesting in Haiti

For more information on the reintroduction of cotton to Haiti visit www.smallholderfarmersalliance.org.