Timberland has operated its footwear factory in Santiago, Dominican Republic since 1982 and is committed to the wellbeing of the communities where its workers live.  In celebration of World Water Day (March 22, 2014), Timberland® partnered with Children International and Planet Water Foundation to construct two clean water towers at primary schools in Santiago.  Each tower provides 10,000 liters of clean drinking water each day to over 2,000 people

Previously the schools paid for bottled water to be brought in for teachers and staff. Now, the water towers ensure that everyone at the school, especially the children, can access clean, safe drinking water throughout the day. 

In addition to constructing and installing the water towers, Planet Water also provided important education on hygiene and water-related health to the school and community.

Colleen Vien, Timberland’s Sustainability Director said, "We're very excited to have partnered with Planet Water Foundation and Children International to address this community issue that affects so many of our Timberland families. In seeing the success and impact of the water towers that we installed with Planet Water and supply chain partners in Vietnam and India, we're confident about the impact and success these tower installations will have on our community in the DR. We're grateful to Planet Water and Children International for helping us find and activate solutions for what can easily be taken for granted–safe drinking water."

Learn more about our work with Planet Water and Children International.