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Which are the Warmest Winter Boots?


A warm boot is essential when the temperature drops, whether you’re working, hiking or just heading into town. But what exactly makes a pair of boots warm? Here, we’re going to look at the best types of boots for winter wearing, and what it is that makes them so perfect for cold weather.


The warmest winter boots combine sturdy uppers with effective insulation, thick soles and breathable waterproofing. The uppers have a warming effect themselves, but good insulation is a crucial extra layer for winter warmth. Dryness also means warmth, but without breathable waterproofing, your sweat will soon turn cold.

How you intend to wear your boots is important when it comes to choosing a pair for winter. If you’re working 8 hours a day outdoors, you’ll need maximum insulation and waterproofing, so choose a real heavy-duty pair of Timberland PRO® work boots or snow boots for men or women. However, if you’re a commuter who just wants to stay warm on the way to work, something a little lighter will do, as long as it’s waterproof. 

Make sure you consider the thickness of socks when you purchase boots. A pair of thick socks could add half a shoe size, so note this if you’re a sock person. A good pair of winter boots shouldn’t need too much extra insulation, however, and if your socks are too thick, your feet might start feeling uncomfortably warm.


Women’s boots are identical to men’s when it comes to winter wear. The same important factors apply: good inner insulation; a tough upper; thick, insulating soles; and the best waterproofing available. All four elements combine to produce a boot that’ll remain warm and comfortable through the coldest of winters.

Winter boots for working and hiking outdoors are the same for everyone – they need to be strong and sturdy, have good insulation and have all the waterproofing you need to stay dry inside.

Women’s fashion boots, however, do tend to have their own styles distinct from men’s. High boots are always popular for women who commute in winter, providing a real feeling of warmth while retaining the style. Or perhaps you prefer some pull-on boots for maximum ease. They’re warm, waterproof and have a decent grip for snowy and slushy days. Fashion doesn’t always have to mean sacrificing warmth in boots, so if that’s important to you, there’s no reason to compromise.


The type of winter boots men should wear depends on whether it’s for serious outdoor activities like working and hiking, or for staying fashionable in the winter months. That will determine the amount of insulation and waterproofing are required, and what kind of soles and upper you should choose.

Winter boots for men who work outdoors or love walking in nature must keep your feet warm, dry and protected from the elements. That’s why supreme insulation and best-rated waterproofing on the uppers and especially around the stitching are important. Insulation also comes with a good thick sole; standing on a freezing floor, the chill will soon reach your feet if your soles are normal thickness.

When it comes to men’s fashion boots for winter, the specifications are a little less stringent. For most everyday purposes, a water-resistant boot with a moderate amount of insulation will be more than enough for daily wear, such as commuting or shopping. Chelsea boots will be fine as long as they have a waterproof coating, although something a little heavier can still look great with jeans, chinos and cargos.