Posted April 19, 2018

Give Your Forgotten Stuff a Second Life: Timberland & Community Recycling

Timberland and Community Recycling. A different way to recycle.

Here at Timberland, we’re always thinking of ways we can be better Earthkeepers. That is why we are proud to announce our partnership with Community Recycling, an organization dedicated to advancing the awareness of recycling for reuse.

Did you know that it takes 2,900 gallons of water to grow the amount of conventional cotton required to make one pair of jeans? The US alone generates 22 billion pounds of clothing and related waste each year, and the EPA rates the recycling of clothing and shoes as better for the environment than the recycling of glass and plastic combined. These facts present a challenge, but also offer a huge opportunity.

So we’re teaming up with Community Recycling to make it super easy for you to repurpose your no-longer-loved wearables.

The next time you shop at Timberland, whether at a store or online, you’ll receive a card. This card will give you instructions on how to donate your used clothes, shoes and accessories (they don’t have to be Timberland gear) in a box or bag through Timberland and Community Recycling. Using this information, you’ll simply:

1. Print a free UPS shipping label

2. Pack up your gently-used gear (maybe repurpose that Timberland box or bag as your mailer)

3. Drop off the package at your nearest UPS location

Pack, Print, Post.

That’s your personal part of this journey: print, pack and post. What happens next?

When you participate in the Timberland + Community Recycling project, you’re contributing to a story that you can watch continue to unfold even after you make your donation. Community Recycling participates in over 50 countries worldwide. Once items are sorted, donations are brought to where they are needed most. We’re going to be tracking the total gallons of water saved, the CO2 emissions reduced, the pounds of clothing recycled — and we’ll be sharing stories of where some of these donated items are living their second life.

This program aligns with our mission of Responsibility, from the environmental impact to the benefits it brings to communities around the world. We believe that through this transparent process, the collective impact of the Timberland community with Community Recycling will inspire more people to recycle, to protect the earth, and to think about their responsibilities as consumers and members of a global community.

Join the movement. Let’s donate and make a difference. For more information, check out