Valentine's day gift guide

Vanilla Extract x Timberland  Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

By: Nichole Ciotti, Vanilla Extract Blog

We love exploring San Francisco through urban hikes. It's the perfect activity for when we need a work break and a fun way to reconnect with one another. We love bouncing around the city just before sunset because the vistas from each hill are extra magical. Since our love story started in San Francisco, we're planning on exploring a new part of town on Valentine's Day before retiring to our favorite sushi spot.

Vday gift guide


Boots are a staple in both of our wardrobes and perfect for exploring our own backyard. I love the mixed media style of these Glancy Side Zip Boots and think they strike the perfect balance between casual and tough-girl chic. The heel is small enough to conquer some of my favorite streets, but chic enough for happy hour or dinner – and the perfect gift for that special someone on Valentine’s Day.

Vday gift guide

Since neutrals are the name of my game, I love being hands-free with my beige Cascade Falls Small Items bag -- another standout accessory to gift your girl for the day. A pair of ripped denim and a cozy sweater is the perfect outfit for our cool gray city.

Vday gift guide


Brian's Westmore Boots look so good on him! He wears them nonstop. They're super comfortable and the suede details help elevate his casual style – surely, the lucky recipient of these will feel the same way. 

Vday gift guide

One thing we rarely leave home without is a backpack like the Tuckerman Leather Backpack, and it’ll surely elevate your partner’s look this Valentine’s Day, too. It houses our camera gear, waters and snacks and may or may not be an extension of my own bag - haha!

Vday gift guide

This Valentine's Day, surprise your sweetheart with Timberland pieces for the Modern Trails you'll be exploring! 

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