Limited Release: The USA Made 8” Boot

By: @marcelfloruss, Marcel Floruss of One Dapper Street

I’ve always had a thing for boots. And I’ve also always had a thing for Timberland’s in particular. I grew up in Germany, and having lived in the United States for over six years now I’ve noticed some pretty stark differences in the brand perception. Timberland has always been so much more to me than just the “Yellow Boot” company. Of course those are iconic, but my first pair was actually baby blue, with “Timber” and “land” written across each of the heels of my boots — man did I love those.

USA Made

Since then, I’ve discovered Timberland more and more as I immersed myself in the fashion industry. And then, I found these USA Made Limited Release boots. An extra-high, rugged, Bordeaux dream of a boot. Once I saw an image of them, I fell in love the first time. The second I had them on my feet, I fell in love the second time. With an 8-inch silhouette, these are all about comfort, style, and functionality – I know they’ll get me through the colder seasons.

USA Made

Here, I started pairing them with the jeans to pick up the black rubber sole. Since I love matching colors, I went for a corduroy shirt in the same color as the boots, which I had initially buttoned up without the t-shirt underneath. Once I added the leather jacket though, the vibe didn’t really work together well anymore, and I decided I needed to ‘loosen the look up’ just a little bit, so I added the khaki t-shirt as a base, picking up the last color of the boots in the welting. 

USA Made

A few accessories and the look felt complete, an outdoorsy ensemble with city influences. I’m way too excited for fall already, and these boots definitely made that longing more prominent.

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