Posted February 15, 2018

This is Not a Boot.
This is Change.

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This is not a boot. This is change. TimberlandxThread bring you fabric made from recycled plastic bottles. Not only are we cleaning up the environment, but we’re creating jobs and impacting lives. Subscribe to Timberland!

This isn’t just a boot. This is so much more, because it is made with Thread recycled fabric. Every yard of Thread Ground to Good™ fabric is made from recycled plastic bottles reclaimed from Haiti and Honduras, making it one of the most responsible fabrics on the planet. 


But this is about more than just recycling plastic, it’s about people. Each product made with Thread fabric supports a vibrant network of dignified jobs in the developing world and the United States. We’re helping people like Mirlande, Clenord and Sevenet find dignified jobs and clean up their communities. This boot leads to a greater good — helping end poverty. Read on to learn more about the people behind Thread.



Sevenet Pierre started out as a plastics collector, but after learning more about how the process works in Haiti, He saw a greater opportunity. Today, Sevenet has several collection sites around Port-au-Prince with around 200 people working for him. “I feel very proud to hire people who need jobs,” he says.

Photo of a man on a motorcycle
Picture of man in recycling center

When he started in the business, he entered a contest. The person who collected the most plastics won a motorcycle. Sevenet won. “The motorcycle is the heart of my business. I was able to open other collection sites. I use the motorcycle to get to all the sites.”

Because of plastics, he was able to build his house and pay for his kids’ school. He hopes for the same for all his collectors. “I have some workers that are now able to purchase goats and other animals. I hope that all my workers will be able to build houses and send their kids to school.”



Mirlande Joseph first got into recycling plastics 10 years ago on the advice of her brother. “He said it is really profitable and he taught me how to get into it.”

Photo of a woman holding a bag of bottles
Photo of a woman holding a little girl's hand

Mirlande lives in one of the poorest neighborhoods in Haiti, right next to the Truitier landfill. Many people there live off plastics. Collectors pick up plastic bottles, sort it, and bring it to Mirlande. She weighs it and pays them. She then sorts by color and puts the bottles in super sacks for a truck to bring them to a facility. When she has a lot of collectors come by, she can have a super sack ready in 8 days.

The most important thing Mirlande has been able to do since starting her business is sending her daughter to school. She can also help her family when they need it because of the plastics. We asked Mirlande what she hopes for the future. “I would like to see my daughter go to school, go to university, and become someone important in the country.”



Clenord got into plastics after a friend told him how to run the business. He originally sold recovered plastics to his friend, but now he runs his own center.

Photo of man playing with his smiling daughter
Photo of a man at a recycling center

Since starting his business, Clenord has been able to open four collection centers. “I’m happy when I see my business grow.” Clenord takes his earnings from recycling to buy pigs. Pigs are the best way to build up a savings according to Clenord. “When I have a problem, I sell a pig to solve the problem.”

Since 2013, when Clenord started his business, he’s been able to build a house, have a second child, and send his kids to school. For the future, he would like to open more recycling centers and help create more jobs for his neighbors. Clenord left our interview with a special message, “I would like to say thank you for supporting me to help my business keep growing.”

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