Limited Release: Autumn Leaf Collection

Autumn Leaf Collection

Style Blogger Isaiah Johnson talks autumn colorways and transitional fall style with the Autumn Leaf Collection.

With fall’s signature warm tones and cool, crisp air, there is no better time to get outside and indulge in the adventures ahead. And if you’re anything like us, this time of the year has our minds wandering towards a fresh take on the modern trail.

Our limited-release collections are exactly that – fresh interpretations of our most iconic feats. First to drop this season is the Autumn Leaf Collection. Featuring a weather-ready waterproof design outfitted in warm, vibrant hues, Autumn Leaf delivers a bold take on our classic 6” boot.

The refreshing unpredictability of fall is what inspired the Autumn Leaf Collection – both in weather and adventure. The durable rubber lug outsole delivers dependable traction and durability, and the rustproof hardware and icy translucent sole give a nod to the cooler months ahead. 

Menswear blogger Isaiah Johnson recently styled out the collection and added, “I’ve always been that guy who wasn’t afraid to wear bright or bold colors, and these are no exception. I love that the color mimics that of an autumn leaf, and I can’t wait to give these bad boys a spin when fall officially hits.”

We sat down with Isaiah to talk more about the new collection and to get his take on making bold choices this fall.

How can a boot like the Autumn Leaf Collection make your style stand out?

The boots alone will make your style stand out honestly. In my opinion, this collection was designed to turn heads and complement the beautiful colors of autumn. You'll have to let a boot like this be the centerpiece while keeping the rest of your outfit neutral. That’s what I keep in mind when it comes to having bold, colorful pieces like this in the closet.

The Autumn Leaf Collection is the same iconic 6-inch boot we all grew up loving, but with a colorful twist. It still offers the design, style, and comfort that made it legendary.

How do you reinvent classic looks season to season?

When it comes to style there’s nothing that hasn’t been tried or done, so I try to pay homage to classics looks, but also add my own flair and signature to them. I would say fall is my favorite season to reinvent classic looks because of the perfect balance of weather.

Speaking of perfect, the fall equinox is a time of transition that brings a near-perfect balance of day and night. How does your style take you throughout the day?

That’s the beauty of fall. The weather is so consistent throughout the entire day that my style doesn’t have to change at all. I can wear a denim jacket, t-shirt, jeans, and a pair of boots and be fine. But also replace the denim jacket with a blazer for a date the following night.

What does this time of the year represent for you?

This time of year represents the beauty of nature – just stepping back and admiring the change of scenery is what I love the most. I also feel like it brings out the best in people. Not only from a style standpoint but a confidence standpoint as well. People are dying to wear their sweaters and jackets, but they’re also eager just to get outside and enjoy the perfect breeze. I truly enjoy seeing both sides of that.

When it comes to fall style, the freedom to layer is one of my favorite parts. I feel like, after five years of trial and error, I have finally mastered that (laughs). I also love wearing sweaters and boots, so that’s a plus as well. There’s just something about autumn that brings the best out of my style.

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