Shoe Care Products

Shoe Shine

Save your footwear from a life of mistreatment with regular maintenance and your feet will love you for it.

The smell of new leather, the soft sheen of suede, and the familiar firm bounce of a solid rubber sole. We love a brand new pair of boots.

And while our boots and shoes are designed to get dirty on the streets and tackle the toughest trails, the better you look after them, the longer they’ll last.

So to help keep your boots looking and feeling their best we’ve created an exclusive range of expert shoe care products. From canvas to cotton, nubuck to nylon, we’ve got everything you need to keep your treads ready for anything.

Waxed and Oiled Leather

Timberland Boot Company Coulter Boots

Firstly, if you’ve invested in waxed or oiled leather shoes, like our Rugged 6-Inch Waterproof Boots or the Timberland Boot Company Coulter Boots, we salute your good taste.

Secondly we’d like to introduce you to our Waximum Waxed Leather Protector – an easy to apply waterproof treatment that softens and protects oiled and waxed leathers without compromising their breathability. Apply to dry shoes using a dry cloth and work into the leather (but don’t rebuff after application and don’t use it on suede or Nubuck leather - see below).

Nubuck and Suede

Nubuck and Suede

If you’re more of the nubuck leather or suede type (our Men’s Revenia Suede Oxford Shoes are a favorite), don’t worry we haven’t left you high and dry (even if that’s exactly what your feet will be.) Our simple to use Suede Restorer Brush and Rubber Sole Brush will keep things looking fresh and clean. Use them together with the Balm Proofer XL All Purpose Protector to restore water and stain repellency from footwear nemeses like salt and oil.


Canvas Shoes

Stop The Rot

Water is the biggest offender when it comes to shortening your shoes’ lifespan. All leather, suede and natural materials – yep, even the waterproof stuff – will eventually buckle under the weight of wet weather or spillages. That means cracks, rot and even nasty odors.

Offense is the best form of defense, so apply our Balm Proofer XL All Purpose Protector as soon as you get your shoes home, and then every couple of weeks. Trust us, your shoes, boots, socks and feet will thank you for it.

Clean and Simple

While water might be the worst, dirt and salt aren't far behind when it comes to natural threats to your footwear. Brush mud off as soon as it dries before applying a cleaner that’s compatible with your shoes’ material.

Adding a protective coat will help in the long run, but keep our Product Care Travel/Gift Kit in your bag so you can take care of your gear when you’re out and about.

Air and Fair

Nothing beats finding a pair of shoes you want to wear everyday. But giving your footwear a break also gives them time to breath.

If you can’t face giving your favorites a day off, try stuffing them with newspaper overnight to help to draw out moisture. In the morning follow-up with a quick spray of our Air Raider Boot and Shoe Refresher to slow staining and retain that box-fresh scent.

Invest in a durable boot or shoe and, combined with the right upkeep, they’ll last you for years - while still looking clean and sharp.