Old Fashioned Cocktail

Mix The Perfect Old Fashioned

Sip slowly.

A grown-up drink in every sense, an Old-Fashioned would normally be reserved for basement speakeasies, hotel bars, and what you might call ‘serious’ cocktail joints.

But if you’re looking for a beverage that goes nicely with the blues, and has a heady array of flavors, then this strong, short, bitter cocktail should do the trick.

“The perfect Old-Fashioned takes time, skill, and experience to master. Each sip should flood your mind with old memories and fill your heart with a soft comfort only age can understand. I’m not sure if it’s perfect for the blues, or the blues is perfect for it,” says JJ Goodman, the owner of The London Cocktail Club bar group and winner of the World’s Best Bartender. 


50ml Woodford Reserve

10ml Cane Syrup

Dash Angostura Bitters

Dash Orange Bitters


Mix together with plenty of ice in a wide tumbler glass. Garnish with orange peel.