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Women's Colorblock Mixed-Media Hoodie

Sporting a distinctive colorblocked design, this comfy, relaxed-fit women's hoodie is crafted from materials that respect the planet as much as you do. TIMBERLAND | Women's Colorblock Mixed-Media Hoodie.

Women's Mixed-Media Hoodie Sweatshirt

This comfy, relaxed-fit hoodie mixes 60% organically grown cotton with ReBOTL™ fabric containing at least 40% recycled plastic for an eye-catching, environmentally responsible design. TIMBERLAND | Women's Mixed-Media Hoodie Sweatshirt.

Women's Plaid-Logo Sweatshirt

Our logo in a plaid print embellishes this women's sweatshirt crafted from responsibly sourced fabric. TIMBERLAND | Women's Plaid-Logo Sweatshirt.

Women's Waffle-Knit Relaxed-Fit Sweatshirt

Featuring a waffle knit for breathability and visual appeal, this women's relaxed-fit sweatshirt is made with organically grown cotton because we don't like synthetic fertilizers in our fabrics. TIMBERLAND | Women's Waffle-Knit Relaxed-Fit Sweatshirt.