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Women's Mixed-Media Crew Neck Sweatshirt

Containing environmentally friendly organically grown cotton and recycled polyester, this relaxed fit sweatshirt is a comfy option for wherever your everyday adventures take you. TIMBERLAND | Women's Mixed-Media Crew Neck Sweatshirt.

Women’s Printed Overall Dress

Let the individual in you soar with the fresh 70’s inspired style of this versatile overall dress. Featuring the energy of a modern print and a purposeful fit, you’ll be ready for action with our blend of organically grown cotton ...

Women’s Quick-Dry Shorts

Let the moment surprise you and be ready to come together and hike a new direction. Roll them, pack them, and let their technical style guide your outdoor experience. Featuring a turned-up hem and drawstring waistband, the 3-pocket design has ...

Women's Short-Sleeve Mixed-Media T-Shirt

The environmentally responsible mix of 97% recycled nylon and 3% recycled polyester give this tee a solid foundation. With a pocket that pops, it has a solid design flair as well. TIMBERLAND | Women's Short-Sleeve Mixed-Media T-Shirt.