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Timberland Tree Logo Hoodie

Go bold all day and night with this comfy, cotton-blend hoodie with contrasting tree logo. TIMBERLAND

Wind, Water, Earth, and Sky Hoodie

A graphic demonstrating your respect for nature is front and center on this comfy sweatshirt made with fabric containing 80% cotton grown without harmful chemicals or pesticides. TIMBERLAND | Wind, Water, Earth, and Sky Hoodie.

Women's Colorblocked Crewneck Sweatshirt

Because we're committed to responsible sourcing, we made this pretty, colorblocked sweatshirt with eco-conscious materials. TIMBERLAND | Women's Colorblocked Crewneck Sweatshirt.

Women's Embroidered Tree-Logo Hoodie

We embellished this comfy, relaxed-fit hoodie with an embroidered Timberland tree logo and crafted it from fabric that contains 83% organically grown cotton. TIMBERLAND | Women's Embroidered Tree-Logo Hoodie.