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Ecoriginal Backpack

Inspired by the outdoors, this backpack features a water-resistant, 100% recycled polyester fabric crafted with elevated trims and heritage-inspired details that reflect our proud history. TIMBERLAND | Ecoriginal Backpack.

Men's Essential Ankle Socks (3-Pack)

These ankle socks combine support and a comfortable fit for year-round performance. We wear these everywhere: From speed dating to bingo night to the great outdoors. Men's Essential Ankle Socks (3-Pack)

Men's SmartWool® Everyday Larimer Crew Socks

Cradle your feet with sweater-soft, warm socks that have a secure fit for all-day comfort. TIMBERLAND | Men's SmartWool® Everyday Larimer Crew Socks.

Men's SmartWool® Light Cushion Classic Hiking Crew Socks

This lightly cushioned hiking crew sock is designed to take your mind off your feet and let you focus on your favorite sport or activity, with an arch brace that holds the sock in place and adds additional support. Our ...