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Bee Line x Hoodie

This collaboration celebrates Timberland’s rugged workwear heritage and Bee Line’s signature approach to color. Our comfy, relaxed-fit Bee Line hoodie is crafted from 80% organically grown cotton because we're trying to lessen our impact on the planet. TIMBERLAND | Bee ...

Men's Little Cold River Hoodie

Soft yet durable bouclé fabric gives a textured look to this men's plaid-logo hoodie. TIMBERLAND | Men's Little Cold River Hoodie.

Men's SmartWool® Hudson Trail Fleece Hoodie

The Men's Hudson Trail Fleece Hoodie is designed to keep your torso comfy and warm. And, because it has a hood, it can keep your noggin feeling great too. Its reclaimed wool construction makes this fleece particularly soft while being ...

Men's Timberland PRO® Cotton Core Flame-Resistant Hoodie

Made from 100% flame-resistant jersey, our Cotton Core men's hoodies help keep you safe on the job and off the clock. TIMBERLAND | Men's Timberland PRO® Cotton Core Flame-Resistant Hoodie.