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Women's Autumn Woods Cable Beanie

The classic winter hat: stylish, not itchy, and super warm and soft. TIMBERLAND | Women's Autumn Woods Cable Beanie.

Women's Crowne Isle Chunky Fleck Beanie

Chunky, flecked yarn gives visual appeal to this soft women's beanie. TIMBERLAND | Women's Crowne Isle Chunky Fleck Beanie.

Women's Harbor Lake Basketweave Mittens

These soft, mixed-media mittens feature an eye-catching basketweave pattern accented with a jersey thumb. TIMBERLAND | Women's Harbor Lake Basketweave Mittens.

Women's Textured Zigzag Gaiter

Great for extra warmth and for protection from sun and wind, our textured gaiter features a zigzag design, tubular ribbing at each end for a tighter fit, and fabric crafted from 50% recycled polyester. TIMBERLAND | Women's Textured Zigzag Gaiter. ...