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Ecoriginal Backpack

Inspired by the outdoors, this backpack features a water-resistant, 100% recycled polyester fabric crafted with elevated trims and heritage-inspired details that reflect our proud history. TIMBERLAND | Ecoriginal Backpack.

Men's 2-Pack Casual Crew Socks

A 2-pair pack of men's crew socks with CoolMax® fabric blend for improved breathability and cushioned soles. TIMBERLAND | Men's 2-Pack Casual Crew Socks.

Men's Essential Ankle Socks (3-Pack)

These ankle socks combine support and a comfortable fit for year-round performance. We wear these everywhere: From speed dating to bingo night to the great outdoors. Timberland | Men's Essential Ankle Socks (3-Pack).

Men's Redwood Falls Heirloom Leather Gloves

Classic men's gloves with a modern twist: touch tips at the index finger and thumb. TIMBERLAND | Men's Redwood Falls Heirloom Leather Gloves.