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Logo T-Shirt

Make a bold statement in our short-sleeve tee embellished with the Timberland tree logo. Made with 100% organically grown cotton because we don't like synthetic fertilizers in our fabrics. TIMBERLAND | Logo T-Shirt.

Men's Cargo T-Shirt

Features of this unique T-shirt design include cargo pockets and a mixed-media look styled from 100% organically grown cotton. TIMBERLAND | Men's Cargo T-Shirt.

Men's Dunstan River Slim-Fit Crewneck T-Shirt

Our embroidered Timberland tree logo adds a classic pop of color to this crewneck tee. The slim fit ensures a trim yet casual look. TIMBERLAND | Men's Dunstan River Slim-Fit Crewneck T-Shirt.

Men's Essential Logo T-Shirt

The name says it all. These are our standard, rugged, must-have everyday tees, with updated colors for the new season! Men's Essential Logo T-Shirt