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Faux Suede-Brim Trucker Hat

With a breathable mesh back, cotton sweatband, and snap closure, these trucker hats sport a faux-suede tree logo patch and are perfect for summer. TIMBERLAND | Faux Suede-Brim Trucker Hat.

Midland Beach Logo Baseball Cap

Keep it simple, keep it classy. These Timberland® baseball caps shade your peepers from sun, block your face from rain and hide bad hair days in style. Timberland | Midland Beach Logo Baseball Cap.

Technical Laser Cut Baseball Cap

This cap features an innovative 3D Timberland tree logo embroidery and is made with a 100% nylon plain weave. TIMBERLAND | Technical Laser Cut Baseball Cap.

Timberland PRO® Essential Watch Cap

Our USA-made, cozy watch caps bring a new layer of warmth to the job site. Timberland PRO® Essential Watch Cap