Planting Seeds of Hope

When we donated our community garden profits to Food for the Poor, a family was given a home.


Every spring, a team of Timberland employees at our Stratham headquarters heads outside to plant the first seeds of our community garden. But we're not just planting a garden, we're planting seeds of hope. We harvest and sell the produce to our employees and all of the profits are donated to a worthy cause, usually a local food bank. But this past year, we wanted to ramp up our growing power and donate to something really impactful…a new home for a family in need.

We decided to donate our 2017 earnings to Food for the Poor, a non-profit organization that serves those in need in the Caribbean and Latin America. With enough proceeds, the organization can build a safe and secure home for a family currently living in a mud hut or makeshift shack. Now THAT'S impact.

When we found out that we could potentially build a home for a family in need, we were determined to get growing! Our garden team worked through spring downpours, scorching August temperatures and brisk Fall mornings to come through with our donation. And at the end of the season, we were able to reach our goal of $3,600, all of which was donated to Food for the Poor, meaning a family would get a new home. Victory!

Months later, we received the photo above - a family standing in front of their new home - the same home that the garden funds built. It was both humbling and rewarding to see the positive impact that our little Victory Garden could have. That's just one of the reasons that Timberland not only allows employees to make a difference but encourages them to do so, too. As a result, our collective efforts have now built a home for a deserving family in Haiti, and have helped so many communities grow, both near and far.

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