STRATHAM, NH, April 24, 2012 — While Americans recognize the value of trees, most are still not celebrating – or planting – them on their national holiday. According to the second annual Timberland Arbor Day Survey, only 12 percent of Americans celebrate Arbor Day – although nearly all respondents (96 percent) think trees are important.

“Trees are probably wondering why they’re not getting the attention they deserve,” said Jim Davey, VP of global marketing for Timberland. “This year we want to show trees that people do still care, as our survey results show, so we’re making it easy for consumers to celebrate and plant with us.”

Plant One on Us
Timberland is helping people celebrate Arbor Day this year by relaunching its Hortiscope quizon Facebook with a new tree planting component. The revamped quiz allows consumers to discover their tree personality with just a few clicks, and for every completed Hortiscope, Timberland will plant a real tree in Haiti.* The tree personalities have been updated to reflect trees that Timberland is now planting through its agroforestry program in Haiti, which has resulted in 1.4 million trees planted to date.

 “The Hortiscope is made for people who really do care about trees but aren’t sure how to celebrate them,” explained Davey. “We’ve created an opportunity for people to have a little fun and engage in a tree planting initiative that has real meaning and impact at the same time.”

Other Key Findings from the 2012 Timberland Arbor Day Survey
• Arbor what?  Nearly three-quarters (73 percent) of Americans don’t know when Arbor Day is, however, 77 percent recognize Arbor Day as a tree planting holiday, a six percent increase from 2011. 
• Where’s the tree party? Lack of knowledge about Arbor Day events prevents one-in-five (19 percent) Americans from celebrating the holiday. And when their local cities and towns don’t participate in Arbor Day events, 20 percent of Americans are less likely to celebrate.
• Leader of the “tree” world. When asked which 2012 presidential candidate they would most want to build a tree house with, 32 percent chose President Obama. Opposing candidates Mitt Romney and Ron Paul each received 9 percent of the survey’s tree house building votes.

Timberland’s Tree Planting Commitment 
Tree planting is an important part of Timberland’s global commitment to protecting the outdoors; to date, the company has planted more than 3.5 million trees globally, which includes 1.4 million in Haiti.  In 2010, the company launched a tree nursery and training program in Haiti, where less than two percent of the country’s original forests remain due to a long history of unsustainable land use practices and a continuing dependence on tree wood and charcoal for cooking and heating needs.

The community-based agroforestry model includes eight tree nurseries located throughout the Gonaïves region of Haiti, run by volunteer farmers who receive trees, seeds, tools and training. To date, the model has resulted in larger crop yields, which means more food to eat, crops to sell and increased income for the farmers and their families. A variety of multi-purpose and fast-growing trees are grown in the Timberland nurseries. In addition to reforestation, they provide many other benefits including combating malnutrition; sustainably harvested wood for charcoal production and lumber for construction; re-nourishment of the soil; and much needed shade.

To learn more about Timberland’s tree planting commitment in Haiti, watch the Journey to Five Million Trees in Five Years.

Survey Methodology
The 2012 Timberland Arbor Day Survey was conducted by ORC International between March 20 and April 1, 2012, among a sample of 1,026 adults comprising 517 men and 509 women 18 years of age and older. The margin of error associated with a sample of this size is ± 3%.

About Timberland
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* For every completed Hortiscope Quiz (limited to one per Facebook account), Timberland will plant one real tree in Haiti, up to 100,000 trees or through December 31, 2012 (whichever comes first).



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