How To Wear A Belt?

How to wear a belt?

It may seem like one of the simplest accessories in your wardrobe, but there’s a lot to consider when choosing and wearing a belt. When choosing a belt, you need to think about what kind of clothes you’ll be wearing and which size belt to buy.

We’ve created this guide to help you select the perfect belt and ensure you wear it correctly, and with our extensive selection of men’s leather belts, you have plenty of options. 

How do you buy men’s belts?

When buying a belt, there are a few key things to consider, but the main thing is sizing. The size of your belt should be larger than your waist size, so the full length of your belt strap can comfortably fit around your waist. 

After you’ve got the right size in mind, it’s a good idea to consider the style of belt you need – whether it’s a classic jeans belt or a more versatile reversible belt. Color is also something you should think about.

To determine which color belt is best for you, it’s good to think about the clothes you’ll be wearing the belt with. If you’re looking for a belt to wear with blue denim or be paired with brown shoes, a brown leather belt would be best, but if you mainly wear dark chinos and black shoes, you may want to consider a black belt instead.

How do you pick a belt size?

When buying a belt, it’s important to remember that your belt size isn’t the same as your waist size. 

We recommend buying belts two sizes above your pant size. So if you usually wear pants with a 34” waist, get a 36” belt. For more information and to learn how to correctly measure yourself for a belt, check out our belt size chart.

What way does a man’s belt go?

Traditionally a men’s belt is inserted through the left-side loops first so that when buckled, the spare end is on your left, too. However, if for whatever reason, it’s more comfortable to wear the belt through the right-side loops, that’s fine also – so long as it fits well. 

Can you wear a brown belt with black shoes?

Traditional rules dictate that If you’re dressing business casual, you should match the metal buckle to your watch and the leather to your shoes, so a brown belt and black shoes historically have been seen as clashing. 

However, traditional fashion rules are quickly becoming outdated, and this can depend on the kinds of belts and shoes in question. For example, wearing brown dress shoes with a black belt might be frowned upon, while wearing our Men’s Buffalo Tree Belt in brown, which features black metal fastenings, with our Premium 6 Inch Boot in black nubuck, shouldn’t raise any eyebrows. 

Do leather belts stretch out?

Like all leather items, leather belts are prone to stretch out when used over time. The extent to which your belt will stretch will depend on the kind of leather used to make it. High-quality, full-grain leathers will keep their shape for longer, but can still stretch over time. You can check out our Balm Proofer product care to extend the life of your leather belt.

Can a man wear suspenders and a belt?

Suspenders were once the go-to option for helping keep your pants up, but then belts became the more fashionable and popular choice. They both do the same job, so there’s no need to wear both at once. A good fitting belt should mean you no longer need to wear suspenders.   

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