How to Measure Boots for the Best Fit

If you don't know your shoe size off the top of your head or if you don't know how Timberland dress shoes or work boots will fit you, it can feel daunting to try shopping online. We can help you find the perfect fit for your online order.


How to measure boots for the perfect fit

The first part of getting the perfect fit is knowing everything you'll be measuring. If you have a pair of boots that offer a super-comfy fit, you can measure those boots to compare to Timberland men's shoes and women's shoes.


What is the shaft of a boot?

The boot shaft is especially important for women's tall boots or over-the-knee boots. So what is shaft height on a boot? The shaft of a boot is, essentially, the place where your leg goes. It runs from the back of the heel, right above the heel, to the top of the boot, where your foot would go into it. This number is your boot height. If you're buying ankle boots, the shaft will usually be 3-8 inches. Mid boots usually have an 8.25-13.25 inch shaft which knee-high boots or tall boots average 13.5 inches and above.


How to measure boot shaft height

To measure shaft height, place one end of your measuring tape at the instep or arch of your boot and measure to the top of the boot. If you see a number listed for the shaft on a pair of boots, it's usually the height. If you need wide calf boots, you'll need to find boots that are marked "wide calf."


How to measure boot shaft circumference

Use a soft tape measure to measure around the widest point of the boot shaft. Make sure that the tape measure is parallel to the ground all the way around the boot shaft since an angled tape measure can throw off your numbers.


How to measure heel height

Heel height isn't usually included with the shaft height, but it's important to the overall height of the boots. To measure the heel of a shoe, run your tape measure from the bottom of the heel to the point where the heel meets the sole of the boot. You can have flats (less than .75 inches), low heels (1-1.75 inches), mid heels (2-2.75 inches), and high heels (3+ inches).


How to size boots for the proper fit

Once you know how to measure boot size, all you need to do is line up your foot measurements with the measurements of our boots.

Person wearing classic wheat and black Timberland boots with their feet propped up on a park bench.


How do I measure foot length?

To get started, you'll need a piece of paper and a pencil or pen. Stand in your socks on the sheet of paper and trace the outline of your foot on the page. For the most accurate measurement, put your full weight on your foot and keep the pencil straight up and down. This will help you determine your foot size. Measure your traced foot from the point of your big toe to the center back of your heel.

To find your width, wrap a soft measuring tape around the widest part of your foot. This should be the point right under where your toes meet the rest of your foot, around the ball of your foot. Once again, make sure your full weight is on your foot while you measure.

To get the best fit, check our size chart with the numbers for men's and women's sizes.


How do I measure calf circumference?

Sit on a chair with your knee bent at a 90-degree angle. Keep your muscles relaxed instead of tensing them, and measure around the widest part of your calf with a flexible tape measure. This number will correspond to your boot shaft circumference. For the best fit, you'll want a shaft circumference that's about 0.25-1 inches larger than your calf measurement.


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