How to choose the best winter boots

Everyone needs a warm and comfortable pair of boots for winter. But with so many choices for womenmen and kids, shopping for boots can be daunting. Here’s a quick rundown of the things to look for when picking out a pair.


What is the best brand for women's winter boots?

Timberland is one of the world’s best recognized and respected brands in quality footwear. Using a range of traditional techniques, carefully sourced leathers and modern materials, we craft boots designed to last. Whether for work, hiking or fashion, there’s a pair for everyone.

Our collection of hard-wearing boots will see you through the coldest winter, the toughest hike or the hardest winter work. Most pairs have waterproof protection built in, so rain, snow, puddles, wind and mud won’t be a problem. From rugged soles to virtually unsnappable laces, they have strength to spare.


Which brand of winter boots is the best?

A manufacturer of tough work boots that became a huge global name in fashion, Timberland has undoubtedly become one of the world’s best brands for winter boots.

After designing our first waterproof work boots in 1973, we’ve refined our designs, pioneered new materials and coatings and fully embraced more sustainable sourcing and materials to become one of the most famous work boot makers in the world.


What are the best boots for winter?

If you’re working outside in the winter, you’ll need boots with breathable insulation, a rugged upper and thick soles with grip to spare. From a fashion standpoint, some of the more extreme specs might not be needed, but insulation and waterproofing are certainly useful.

Timberland’s collection of rugged winter boots is manufactured from the most durable materials to extremely high specifications.


What are the best men’s winter boots?

Men’s boots for winter working and outdoor recreation should cover the ankle to help you stay dry and warm, and should have a waterproof coating on the uppers and watertight treatment on the stitching. A good grip is essential in winter, with a thick sole for extra ground insulation.

Timberland men’s boots are designed to perform in the most hostile of weather conditions. Don’t be fooled by the fact that they are fashionable – they’re built for hard work in tough environments, from the sole to the upper to everything that holds them together. Whether you’re working, hiking or just commuting in a cold climate, you won’t find a better pair of winter boots than Timberlands.


What is the best boot for cold weather?

Cold weather puts specific demands on boots. First, the chill needs to be beaten with good breathable insulation that lets sweat escape. Second, the soles must be tough and grippy for ice, snow and puddles. Third, they should be waterproof – wet feet will never get warm.

Work boots by Timberland meet all these specifications. Good quality leather uppers, superior insulation and waterproofing that’s tested on every pair all adds up to a cold-weather boot that will see your feet through blizzards and rainstorms.


What are the best women’s winter boots?

Our women’s collection of winter boots checks all the boxes: Form, function, fashion and ultimate coziness. Whether you’re getting ready to spend hours outside shoveling or just want to get from the house out to the mailbox, our collection of insulated and waterproof boots for women has the style and performance you need.


What are the best insulated boots?

Boot insulation comes in three forms: natural, synthetic and a blend of both. The most common forms of organic insulation are down, wool and cotton. However, recycled synthetic materials such as PrimaLoft® and Thermolite® are also excellent. As long as the insulation is breathable, feet stay warm and dry.

Timberland has mastered the art of insulating boots. We use a range of materials to provide ultimate insulation for winter boots. As well as providing warmth, insulation can also have an effect on the comfort of your boots. Good padding helps soften your steps and can minimize rubbing, which can be exacerbated if you’re wearing thick winter socks.


What are the best winter work boots?

Work boots come in a range of styles, but your choice might be dictated by the regulations of your job, for example, whether you need steel toes or oil resistance. For working outdoors in winter, waterproofing, insulation and good grip are essential.

The Timberland Company was founded with the premise of making work boots for harsh environments, so it’s fair to say we’re experts in the field. Our winter work boots come with all the grip, toughness, waterproofing and insulation you’d expect of a quality manufacturer – you can sense the heritage and attention to detail every time you pull one on.


What are the best kids’ winter boots?

When buying winter boots for children, it’s important to make sure they have a good fit, as growing feet need to fit firmly but with room to move. A good pair of insulated, waterproof boots will see any child through the coldest of school runs and outdoor play sessions.

The quality and attention to detail you expect in our adult shoes and boots are equally important in our children’s winter boots. Grippy soles, waterproof uppers, sealed stitching and snug insulation are all minimum requirements, so all parents have to do is find a pair that fits, and you and your kids are ready to face whatever winter throws at you.


What are the best winter boots for toddlers?

Boots with the softest leather and comfortable insulation are perfect for toddlers. They’ll grow out of them fast, though, so make sure it’s a good quality pair.

Timberland’s winter toddler boots are designed with little ones’ feet at the forefront of our minds. We use pliable leather and design them for absolute maximum comfort and health for their rapidly growing feet. You can tell as soon as you see them that they are serious boots. If you worry about their feet being cold or uncomfortable when you’re out and about exploring your world, take a look at Timberland’s waterproof boot collection for kids.


What are the best shoes for winter?

If you need a nice pair of shoes for the office but want to stay warm on the commute, you can buy waterproof, insulated shoes with an enhanced grip that won’t look out of place in any formal situation. If you can wear boots, though, they’re generally preferable in winter.

Take a look through Timberland’s men’s waterproof collection and you’ll see what we mean. These dual-purpose shoes definitely look office-ready, but when you take a closer look at the specifications, you’ll realize that there is a pair of shoes that are built to last through any winter in the city. Insulation might be a little lighter than that found in our most rugged outdoor boots, but it’s certainly enough to get you to the office every day in a state of comfort that your fellow commuters can only dream of.