We're Inspired By Our Winners. Meet the Winners of the Timberland Serv-a-Palooza Challenge.
Timberland + Crowdrise

The Timberland Serv-a-palooza Challenge was a first-of-its-kind sponsored volunteerism competition, launched in partnership with CrowdRise. The six-week Challenge encouraged individuals to volunteer for a cause of their choice for chances to win amazing prizes for themselves, as well as big donations for the non-profit organizations they chose to support.

Congratulations to Alen Amini, Neil Hutt and Laura Pople for leading the charge. Thanks to you and many others, over $75,000 was raised and over 1600 hours of volunteer time was contributed during the Serv-a-palooza Challenge 2014.

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Alen Amini
"If everyone volunteers for a cause they are passionate about, volunteering becomes rewarding on many levels and time spent serving flies by!" – Alen Amini

Alen Amini J. Austin Cultural Center

Top Volunteer: 458 Hours

Alen has served with City Year, Teach for America, and as Executive Director of the J. Austin White Cultural Center in Arkansas. The JAWCC offers physically, emotionally, and educationally enriching programs including karate, tutoring, arts-based learning, and soccer in a community of over 2,000 residents. Alen helped develop their website, reached out to kids about programs and held educational “lock-outs” for students. His prize money and gift cards will be used by students of the Cultural Center to travel to Washington D.C. to visit colleges and learn more about the history of our country.

Learn more about the J. Austin White Cultural Center.

Neil Hutt
"I urge people to stop using the excuse ‘I am too busy to volunteer.’ The real work of the world is done at the grassroots level by volunteers, people who know their efforts do make a difference." – Neil Hutt

Neil Hutt Red Wolf Coalition

Top Recruiter: 319 Recruits 

Neil is a retired public school teacher who’s devoted a major amount of time and energy to volunteerism, including the Red Wolf Coalition where she currently serves as the chair of the Board of Directors. She’s a dedicated advocate for the long-term survival of critically endangered wild red wolves who once roamed the entire eastern seaboard but now live in the wild only in a tiny sliver of northeastern North Carolina.

Learn more about the Red Wolf Coalition.

Laura Pople
"I encourage everyone to identify their passion and deliver it through volunteering. There is no activity that consistently offers a greater personal and societal reward." – Laura Pople

Laura Pople Seer Farms

Top Fundraiser: $17,601

Laura is the founder of Seer Farms, a pet sanctuary that gives families facing the loss of a pet due to domestic violence, medical crises, natural disaster or economic crises, the time they need to get back on their feet so they can reunite with their pets. Additionally, Seer Farms cares for pets of military members and has helped lessen the burden on local animal shelters. They’ve reunited more than 800 animals with families through their Out of Crisis Program.

Learn more about Seer Farms.