Trendwatch: The Field Boot

Field of Dreams

Style editor Aaron of the Modern Otter tests the merits of our classic boot on an urban hike

I’m a huge proponent of the mantra “Just get in your car and drive” (or in NYC, lace up your boots and just start walking). There’s too much in this world to see and too little time. So make some time to explore!

Rather than taking the subway directly home from work, I’ll walk 25 blocks and wind my way up the city to a stop closer to my apartment. Each time I’ll pick a different path – it helps clear my head and it’s a great way to discover new restaurants, side streets, corner bars and inspiring architecture.

The only thing I need is to give myself a little time for the journey and footwear that’s not going to have me limping along after half a mile.

That’s where these Field Boots come in.  Drawing inspiration from a military combat boot, the updated silhouette is a mix of utility and style, equipping me for the modern ‘field’. Streamlined but sturdy, they’re perfect for everyday wear and easily up to taking on whatever the city throws at me. And because they’re lightweight, I don’t feel like I’m walking through cement after a couple miles.

For the first look, I paired Timberland’s Classic Field Boot in Wheat with casual fall staples: selvedge denim, a cashmere hoodie and a wool coat that draws out the color in the boots. Elevated classics all around. The nubuck and nylon are super durable, so I’ll be wearing these classics all season long.

For the second look, I wore Timberland’s 6” Green/Brown Field Boot with joggers and leather for a more rugged vibe. Perfect to take on anything, whether that’s a five-mile trek through the countryside, a gig in the city, or a lazy Sunday walk.

The direct-inject polyurethane outsoles in both boots gives them their streamlined, lightweight feel which is key because when I’m off exploring the city, the last thing I need is a pair of heavy boots weighing me down. 

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