Sneaker Boots Flyroam

Sneaker Boots for Any Outfit: FlyRoam

By: Jovel Roystan, @jovelroystan

Over the past few years, I’ve added a pretty cool variety of kicks to my arsenal, and I’m proud to say that my shoe game has definitely jumped up a few levels. Nowadays, when I’m on the hunt for new footwear, versatility is super key. My style can be all over the place at times—a suit one day, a denim-and-band tee combo the next, a jumpsuit that weekend… you get the picture. So, picking out the right pair that can flow with my wardrobe is essential. I love the new Timberland FlyRoam Chukkas; they’re stylish sneaker boots that can show up to the party any day of the week. 

Suited and Booted

Monday through Friday, I find myself sitting in a regular 9-to-5 office environment; but thankfully, I work for a pretty cool company where the dress code is basically whatever fits my personality. With that said, mixing a cropped blazer with a zip turtleneck and casual black trousers is just another day of the week for me. The boots are totally appropriate for most office settings, but still street enough to help me keep things cool.

Sneaker Boots Flyroam

Roaming the City

Weekends were meant for relaxing, so an easy fit like a denim button-down and biker jeans is a quick win. For this look, I layered up with a sleek turtleneck for an extra dose of style and cuffed the jeans to show off a little bit more of the kicks. 

Sneaker Boots Flyroam

A Dose of Fresh Air

Sometimes, you just need to get out of the city and chill. For me, that usually means hanging out around Brooklyn, but for those of you with actual trees and greenery in your neck of the woods, take advantage of it. A waterproof field jacket, like the M65 from Timberland, layered over a flannel and tee will keep is a great outfit for enjoying the great outdoors. Throw some cargo pants into the mix and you’re all set. 

Sneaker Boots Flyroam

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