Posted September 10, 2018

Rolling Out Fall Boots

By: @riamichelle

Fall is my favorite season. From the leaves changing, to the layered fashion, I love the good vibes that fall brings. Leading up to this time of year, we often get frequent rainstorms so it’s important to be equipped with the right gear. Lucky for me, the day I received my new boots, a rainstorm brought in some cooler temperatures. Rain usually cools everything down and allows for sweaters and boots to come out of hiding.

I received my Jayne Waterproof Gaiter Boots right in time for the downpour. Since the rain comes and goes without warning this time of year, these waterproof boots are a perfect match for the unpredictable forecast. I love the versatility of these waterproof boots and the different ways the boots can be folded down and worn. It’s like getting a few different boots in one! 


The downside of the rain is that Miami Beach often floods when it rains and finding practical footwear can become very difficult. These Timberland boots are very utilitarian in that way. I paired them with a soft oversized sweater to soften my leather and nylon-based look. These boots made me feel not only ready for fall but ready for anything that came my way that day. I felt powerful stomping around in my cozy yet waterproof look. A good pair of boots is essential to my wardrobe and I love these.

Ladies, need an update on your wardrobe as the weather gets chillier?
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