Nautical by Nature

Our take on nautical style

This season we’re heading for the coast. Nautical design is back and we love it not only for its enduring roots in style, but also because it’s a nod to a life well-lived by the sea – outdoors, laid back, invigorating and healthy - and who doesn’t want that?

Our Pier 24 Collection is designed with a look to the saltwater cool of yesteryear. Who better to show off our design than this season’s MarkMaker Chris Fischer, a third-generation farmer-turned-chef who calls the idyllic island of Martha’s Vineyard home. Here’s how to emulate his seafaring style.

Kibby Mountain Hooded Bomber

The fisherman’s jacket can trace its roots back far into the past. Ever since men and women have taken to the water for travel or fishing, there’s been a need to stay warm and dry – especially when the weather is against you.

From the oiled silk umbrellas of 10th century China to the linseed oil-soaked capes worn by 15th century sailors, people have tried and tested many ways to beat the weather. 

Thankfully, technology has come a long way since then. Our Kibby Mountain Hooded Bomber is highly waterproof, but also features DryVent technology for breathable comfort so you can wear it all the time, whether wandering city streets in a rainstorm or going for a sea-side stroll .

Available in this season’s classic yellow, long popular with fisherman for its visibility in all conditions. Layer it over a classic blue button-down shirt for a classic East Coast look that works just as well for an excursion out at sea … or an afternoon at the aquarium.

Squam Lake Chinos

Perfect for a weekend picnic or barbecue on the beach, Squam Lake Straight Fit Chinos are the ideal pants for showing your hosts you’ve made an effort, but without sacrificing any comfort thanks to the 100% cotton twill fabric. And with its rugged construction and stitching, you’re just as well suited for brunch as you are for a spontaneous game of football on the beach.

Naples Trail Textured Leather Oxford

The most archetypal wardrobe item of any modern (or wannabe) sailor may be the deck shoe. But when you want to up your game, go for the Naples Trail Textured Leather Oxford, worn without socks, of course. (Confused? Don’t worry, just check our Style Tricks For Going (Somewhat) Sockless). The textured uppers provide an unexpected twist on a classic silhouette. And its SensorFlex™ comfort system ensures underfoot support and greater flexibility on the sole which means you can run around the docks all day and still feel great when it’s finally time to settle in at your go-to roofdeck bar.

Whether you’re treading the salt-crusted decks on a weekend sailing trip or meeting friends for mid-week drinks (it’s the little things), these are the pieces that you’ll reach for time and time again come rain or shine. 

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