Posted December 17, 2018

A Holiday Gift Guide for the Guys

By: @denny623

The holidays are right around the corner and this year I’ve partnered with Timberland to present you fine people a gift guide. So if you’re a girlfriend, wife or friend that is looking for something special for someone special then look no further! I got you! Also, the great thing about all these pieces I chose is that every piece is pretty much unisex. Here are my picks that would work for everyone. My early Christmas gift for you guys.

Now, I chose this one because it’s one of those classic boots that goes well with everything. I would put it on my top 5 most influential shoes of all time. Not only is it easily recognizable but it’s also comfortable and durable. It’s super rare to get those 3 descriptions about a shoe. It’s also great for all seasons. They also come in a variety of colors but nothing beats a classic pair of wheats.



Second Pick: Jogger Sweatpants.

If you asked me 2 years ago if I would wear sweatpants to go to events or meetings, I would’ve told you that you’re crazy! But if it’s the right one for the job then why not, right? I especially love this because of the logo that’s on the side of the leg. It’s not too much and it’s not too flashy. It’s enough that you can look at it and appreciate its simplicity. It’s great for staying at home and like I mentioned before, it’s also great now for style purposes. It’s pretty darn sleek and stylish.



Third Pick: Quarter-Zip Funnel Neck Fleece Shirt.

This one is probably an absolute favorite. Now the fleece has always been around and I’ve had a fair share of good fleece every holiday season to showcase to the world but this one takes the cake. Just like the jogger sweatpants, the simplicity of this piece is the reason why it’s great. It comes in one color but it’s a perfect one. I wore it recently and I probably got the most compliments on it. The fleece never went out of style but it’s definitely back in full force on the fashion scene. I would highly recommend this piece.



Fourth Pick: Scar Ridge Expedition Waterproof Parka.

Now, the one jacket that you must have when it is snowing or blistering cold outside is a parka. And, if you are a person like me that needs a jacket to be both warm and stylish then this is the one for you. I love this one because of its length – it’s perfect for someone like myself who’s really not a fan of long parkas. I also love the little details like the removable patch and the removable faux fur. Absolute must buy.




Now, this is a great little gift for anyone who’s a Timberland fanatic. How could you say no to this? I couldn’t!

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