Posted September 28, 2017

Made for City Streets and Then Some: The Killington Hiker Boots

By: @atlasandmason, George Laboda

Living in Los Angeles, I don't get as many chances as I would like to get out of the city and into the great outdoors. However, this week, I used my new Killington Hiker Boots as an excuse to get outside, and lucky for me, they work just as well in the city as they do on the trail. The Killington Hiker, with its premium leather upper and SensorFlex OrthoLite sole, is the perfect mix of comfort and style.

To complete the look, I paired the boots with some dark denim and the Diamond River Mixed-Media Down Jacket. This look is perfect for the cooler temperatures of fall that will last you all the way through early winter. The mix of fabrics in the jacket is perfect; the down core keeps you warm and cozy, while the knit sleeves keep the overall silhouette slim and sleek.

When it comes to finding a good boot, I look for three main things: style, comfort, and their ability to stand up to any weather conditions. I grew up dealing with winters that lasted what felt like six months, and although I’m out West now, I can say for sure these boots would have been in my daily rotation if I were back East. Just by looking at these bad boys you can see they have the style portion on lock, and after walking around the city all day, they pass the comfort test as well.

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