Posted Oct 8, 2018

Cozy and Cute –
the Ultimate Combination

By: @Courtandkelly

When Courtney and I were growing up, we always had very different styles. But, for the past 3 years, we have basically shared a closet (quite literally we made an extra bedroom a huge closet for us) and our styles became a lot more alike. Throughout this, we have always enjoyed seeing how we compare when challenged with dressing similar styles.

We were so excited to partner with one of our favorite brands, Timberland, for how we style our boots for Fall! One of our favorite things about Timberland’s footwear is how versatile they are. You can wear with anything from a cute midi dress to workout clothes or even jean shorts. They are easily paired back to so many looks in your overall wardrobe! We loved how much our boots stood out so we wanted to try and keep our overall looks pretty similar.


Courtney was so excited to style the Jayne Fleece Fold Down Timb’s in maroon. I personally loved the pop of color that those gave against the New York City background. I rarely see durable boots in a variety of colors so having that option, made me gravitate towards this style! I loved pairing this back to other fun pops of color in my sweater and bag choices. It really made the whole outfit come to life & became perfect for a day walking to Central Park or grabbing dinner on the upper east side. I have come to learn that you have to find footwear when living in NYC that channels extreme comfort!

Kelly chose to style the Courmayeur Valley pair! She recently moved to LA so she often forgets how unpredictable NYC weather can be. Such as this day, when it was pouring down rain! The Courmayeur Valley boots are perfect for the city because here, you really need a sturdy and well put together boot. You tend to walk everywhere in all different types of weather - snow, rain, sleet, you name it! So it’s great knowing that these have a waterproof membrane and rubber outsole to keep your feet and socks dry.

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