Posted November 30, 2018

Counting down to Midnight in Style

By: @atlasandmason

With the holidays right around the corner, there are likely quite a few holiday parties and family get-togethers in the near future. Today my wife and I put together four looks just for those occasions and took these Limited Edition boots to the next level! 

The holidays are all about dressing up while still being yourself. We decided for our first look we would take these patent leather boots and give them our holiday party touch. For me, I chose to go with an all black look. Black denim and a simple check sweater let the boots be the star of the show. I threw on an overcoat to battle the cold and finish off the look. For my wife's look, she also went for a mostly black look but with a black turtleneck and a pop of holiday color and texture in the skirt. The tall black socks add a bit of flair and give the Midnight Countdown boots added pop. A dark overcoat finishes off the look to keep out the cold. 


For our second look, I went a little more casual while she went with a monochrome look. When I put my look together, I was thinking of a look I would wear to a holiday dinner with the family. A slim pair of chinos and thick cable knit sweater look great with these green suede and brown leather boots. When you have a substantial boot like this one you really need to add some weight to the rest of your outfit. You can do this in two ways. One, add a thick texture as I did with the cable knit sweater. Or two, add layers to your outfit as my wife did with her look. A silk dress, a sweater, and jacket add enough weight up top to balance the statement these suede pink boots make.

This holiday season, don't be afraid to find new ways to dress your Timberland boots up. From holiday office parties and family gatherings to New Years Eve Timberland has you covered. 

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