Empowering girls

Timberland PRO had the honor of partnering with Girls at Work in September 2017 for Servapalooza—Timberland’s annual day of community service around the world. Girls at Work, Inc. is a non-profit based in Manchester, New Hampshire whose mission resonated deeply with the Timberland PRO team. The organization provides after-school programs and summer camps for at-risk girls from around New England, where they learn woodworking and furniture-building skills using power tools—unlocking the power within themselves.


Founded in 2000 by program director Elaine Hamel, the organization has guided 8,000 girls as young as six on journeys of self-discovery and overcoming challenges. Each program is designed to provide a safe place for girls to conquer their fears and find their voice—bringing new practical skills, social skills and self-confidence to their everyday lives. “We help them tap into their internal power tools,” says Hamel. “You get them in this mindset that they can do anything, and it’s so powerful.”

Empowering girls

The Girls at Work headquarters’ walls are covered with inspirational messages written by former
students and program sponsors—a testament to the impact the
organization has made on at-risk girls in the community.

Recently, Girls at Work began offering revenue-generating classes—and even “power birthday parties”—for women and businesses, with workshops held at their headquarters in Manchester, New Hampshire, or brought directly to businesses. The organization relies on financial donations and voluteers to keep their mission going.

Empowering Girls

Interested in learning more or supporting the Girls at Work mission? Visit http://www.girlswork.org/