Posted December 7, 2018

How To Lace Your Timberlands

By: @eddiewinkicks

How to Lace Your Timberland's | Timberland

Footwear and apparel Youtuber, Eddie Win takes the iconic 6-inch Yellow boot and provides two creative ways to achieve a laid-back lace to add versatility to your style.

When it comes to lacing up a fresh pair of Timberland 6 inch boots, I’m very specific about it. If your lacing technique is sloppy then it’ll throw off the whole look of the boots. My preferred style is to lace my Timbs with an over and under technique. This shows off more of the laces and gives off an overall clean and symmetric look. I also always tie the laces after the 3rd to last lace loop, this leaves you with the perfect amount of lace to tie a good knot. The over and under technique is perfect for the premium 6 inch wheat Timbs because I like to dress them up with a simple menswear look. If I’m wearing a pair of colorful, more bold 6 inch Timbs, I actually like to lace them differently. For bold colors I like to skip every other lace loop, showing off a more stylish pattern, it gives off a more edgy look, and compliments colorful boots better.

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