Aleksandra Zee: Places That Inspire My Art

The Top 5

MarkMaker Aleksandra Zee takes us travelling around the places that inspire her signature art style. 

Travelling isn’t only something that I love to do, but something that’s more or less essential to my craft. Childhood adventures in the mountains, desert or by the ocean provided the foundation for my art style and aesthetic, and whenever I’m in need of inspiration I’ll take a trip to one of my favorite spots to provide that creative spark.

Here are just five of the most significant places that shape my art style, each in a different but equally meaningful way.

1. That Northern Cali Ocean

I grew up walking distance from the ocean, and from a young age being by the coast has been calming for me. The water, the powerful waves, and the beautiful shades of blue all come full circle into my life, work, and the way I style everything. When I need a break from the studio, I go to the ocean. When I need a moment of calm in the business of life, I go to the ocean. 

2. Joshua Tree

The colors of the desert are really important for me, so Joshua Tree is a great place to visit. It’s inspiring from the ground up – the dirt, the trees, those beautiful sunrises and sunsets. I love those neutrals tones that are warm and rich, and the majority of colors in my art are drawn from being in this place. Inspiration just flows out of me whenever I’m here, so I keep coming back to visit as often as I can. 

3. The Sierras

I’ve been visiting mountains for as long as I can remember, and since visiting Yosemite and Mammoth as a kid I’ve tried to make these trips happen once a year. The Sierras particularly are so grand that it’s hard to even comprehend what you’re standing in front of. Seeing these places in the summer and spring bring such a beautiful color pallet to my life and my work. I love the colors of the rock and trees, and the vast amounts of white when the snow covers everything.

4. My Apartment

Aside from the studio, my apartment in the Mission District is the place where I spend most of my time and I choose to decorate with simplicity. I bring the colors of my favorite places, and the little treasures from those places, to create a home that reminds me of my adventures and brings me peace. I believe in constant change, so my space is always evolving. Whenever I feel stagnant I change my home around and make it feel new, which sparks something inside myself that wants to do the same. 

5. Monument Valley

Last but not least is Monument Valley. There are so many places I have visited in my life that I’ve fallen in love with, but none like Monument Valley. This place holds a powerful history and the iconic landscapes take my breath away; just standing in the rich red dirt transports me to those familiar old Western movies. I see it in the patterns I create, the colors I choose and the feelings that are evoked when I stand back looking at the work I’ve made. 

Aleks filled us in on her art style, now go check out some of her summer style favorites here.