Posted March 1, 2018

The Color Your Wardrobe Will Thank You For

This spring we’re ready to ditch those dark and drab winter tones in favor of something much more fresh, clean and modern. That “something” is the color Pure Cashmere – a versatile collection of warm and cool neutrals that’s sure to be a staple in any wardrobe. We’re bringing this color to life across various styles from the classic 6-inch boot to loafers and everything in-between. To help introduce our new favorite spring color, we sat down with the women behind the concept and design of the Pure Cashmere collection.


Layla – Color Trend & Materials Design Lead

Favorite Pure Cashmere Style: Somers Falls Shortie Ankle Boot

Image of woman wearing boots

“Pure Cashmere captures versatility while looking fresh, clean and modern for spring.”

Growing up with a seamstress as a mother, Layla learned from an appreciation and knowledge for fabrics from a young age. This led her to study textile design, where she was first introduced to the fascinating world of color theory, saying that she “loves to play with unexpected color combinations… Nature solves this magnificently and is a constant source of wonder and inspiration.”

Inspiration for Pure Cashmere came from the trend of modern neutral tones, and the landscapes around us and on our bucket lists – warm and cool greys from our familiar urban environment as well as the parched desert and shorelines at low tide. “While many of us live and work in the city, we long to experience a journey to another place.”

Layla appreciates how versatile Pure Cashmere is for the spring, and its ability to transition into summer, noting that it’s wearable “with other natural colors and textures, like linen and lightweight cotton, for a relaxed, feminine look...and as the seasons change, wear with your favorite denim or urban military colors.”


Penny – Women’s Footwear Design Director

Favorite Pure Cashmere Style: Paxton Hills Slip-On

Image of woman wearing slip-on shoes

“My goal is always to blend our Timberland DNA into feminine profiles so we stay on trend, but on our own terms.”

When Penny is working on silhouettes for a new season, she travels to different global markets and gets inspiration from everything from runways to graphic design to see what’s trending. For the spring Pure Cashmere collection, she knew that “we wanted to create footwear that offered multiple wearing occasions and was focused on feminine silhouettes.”

Penny also notes that the hallmark of these neutrals is that “many of the silhouettes in this collection are low-profile patterns that can adapt to any wearing occasion and transition well from spring to summer.” Comfort is also an important commonality – soft leathers, knitted uppers, and breathable mesh linings are some of the features designed into these new styles.

Learn more about the styles offered in Pure Cashmere and how to style them here.