Meet the Waterproof Euro Hiker

Rain or Shine

Once in a while, a boot comes along that has street style but also gives an athletic silhouette. It’s the kind of boot that’s perfect for outdoor adventures but smart enough for the city.

Meet the Euro Hiker.

We sat down with Gregg Duffy, Outdoor Footwear Product Director, to tell us what makes the Euro Hiker unique (and about their new waterproof design).

What makes the Euro Hiker a stylish hiking boot?

As a shoe, its design is very simple and reminiscent of the original Timberland Yellow Boot™ with simple parts and a clean toe. The Euro Hiker is great for several occasions - it’s on the lighter side of the hiker boot market so it maintains an ability to be worn with more narrow and fitted clothing.

However, it is still a boot so it can easily handle the baggy, full fit and heavy wearing occasions such as being outdoors, going for autumn walks and staying warm for winter.

This balancing act between not too heavy and not too light allows the boot to swing in either direction depending on the wearer and the occasion.

What was the inspiration behind creating the Euro Hiker?

Originally created in 1988, this boot was inspired by the rise of outdoor hiking, but unlike other hiking boots, the Euro Hiker was inspired by European styles. Instead of the rigid design of other hiking boots, the Euro Hiker was designed to be worn every day with lighter and more flexible features.

It’s light with an outsole made out of 42 percent recycled rubber, for traction and durability.

The Euro Hiker was also the first hiker to offer a removable insole, thus letting the  consumer customize the shoe.

What makes them durable?

Timberland boots have an incredibly high waterproof standard. The Euro Hikers offer a lot of protection but have not been as traditionally waterproof as our other boots - until now.

We decided to up the ante and add a waterproof membrane to make it even better than it was before. It’s popular in both cities and for athletic pursuits, so we thought this would be the final step in making it a superior all-round shoe. The Waterproof Euro Hiker is available now.

Why do you think these boots continue to be a bestseller?

This shoe can be worn in the city or on the trail. It has stood the test of time and now is an iconic Timberland classic - authentic and rugged.

Who embodies the spirit of the Euro Hiker boot?

Anyone who loves the outdoors or fashionable street wear. These boots are for people who value heritage, craftsmanship, durability and style.

What about the Thorton Hiking Boot? How is it related to the Euro Hiker?

Last year, we created the Thorton Waterproof Hiking Boot, a premium hiking boot with a versatility that you will not typically find in today’s traditional hikers.

Compared to the Euro Hiker, the Thorton is more modern in its construction and compounds than the Euro Hiker which maintains its 1988 heritage.

The Thorton (available in black, dark brown and wheat) has enough build and make to be a competent hiker while not overdoing it with extraneous and cumbersome mountain-specific details.

It’s for a variety of people. The Thorton really can do it all (check out how our NYC Style Editor wears it).

Get the secrets behind another icon, our Original Yellow Boot, here.