Behind the Scenes + Made to Flex: Storyboard P

Timberland | Made to Flex | Storyboard P

Brooklyn’s very own Storyboard P showcases his original dance style in a pair of Killington Hikers, while taking us through his creative process in this behind-the-scenes interview.

With movement like you’ve never seen before, Storyboard Professoar sets the bar high for originality. Born and raised in Brooklyn NY, Story brings all types of dance into his performances, to the point where he’s created his own style he calls “Mutation”.

killngton hiker

“There are a lot of performers that I draw inspiration from. I like to follow guitar and violin players, study how they play their instruments. It kind of inspires my sense of contraction when I’m moving.”

killngton hiker

Storyboard also grabs inspiration from legendary musicians such as Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, and Jimi Hendrix. His unique style which originated from dancing around his neighborhood has earned him the well-deserved title “King of the Streets.” And no King would be complete without a fresh set of footwear that keeps him comfortable, and looking cool. Check out the Killington Hikers and see for yourself.

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