What Is A MarkerMaker?

What is a MarkMaker?

Discover traits, inspiration and the inner workings of artists, photographers, writers, musicians and craftsmen.

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We’re captivated by people who are on their way to making their mark on the world.

You know the type. You might even be one. A creative, inspired individual who is always exploring his or her surroundings, hoping to learn more and create something new.

They’re driven. Always curious. Constantly innovating. A part of the community in several fields, be it in art, music, craft, style or culture.

Call them innovators, pioneers, entrepreneurs, cultural producers, adventurers or even trailblazers.

We call them MarkMakers.

These are creative people drawing inspiration in their environment to reach their vision. They aren’t afraid to take risks to achieve their dreams, but always approach everything with level-headed purpose and resolve. They collaborate with their peers to make their mark on the world.

Kevin Russ

Every season, we team up with some of the most interesting and distinct talents around – our MarkMakers are pretty special. They let us into their homes, their studios and their workshops. They  take us on their journeys, show us how they work and what inspires them. They take us through their travels, their daily routines and in turn, they inspire us.

Timberland’s past MarkMakers have come from a variety of places (Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Boston, San Francisco, London and Portland, to name a few) and are active in a vast array of different jobs across the board.

They’re photographers, artists, musicians, craftsmen, style writers and creative consultants.

Each season, they give us an inside glimpse into what goes on behind their special skill. They share the music that brings out their creative side. They recommend the best books that have shaped them and they share the style essentials that they can’t leave home without.

So what makes a true MarkMaker?

As varied as their backgrounds and careers are, they have several common characteristics that make them stand out as MarkMakers.

They’re distinct individuals

They’ve got a way that’s all theirs. They’re the real thing and approach everything with enthusiasm.  

They’re an authority in their field

There’s a serious respect for what they do, what they wear and where they go. Their opinions matter to others. They inspire their peers.  

They love being outside, for both inspiration or recreation

They are about getting their hands dirty, while maintaining an easy sense of style – that’s polished enough to set them apart from the crowd. They love being outside in their city exploring hidden corners or soaking up the sights. 

They’re versatile and curious

They’re masters of many trades – driven by a natural curiosity and hands-on approach to life.

In the past, we’ve had musicians, style bloggers, photographers as our MarkMakers. This fall, we’re introducing four more MarkMakers – furniture-makers who craft their items out of recycled wood in Brooklyn, a modern-day blues and rock musician from London, an organic farmer in San Francisco and a new media photographer from Portland.

By telling the stories of our MarkMakers – and sharing insights into their passions and motivations - we hope to inspire you to pursue your own passion and creative impulses.

See you on the trail.