Invoke your Inner Craftsman: DIY Ornaments

Get your hands dirty

The next time you go for a long walk, bundle up in our favorite jacket and lace up your waterproof boots. Then, head out and take a look around you. There are so many natural finds that can easily be turned into seasonal decorations. In this holiday craft, we use holly, pinecones and twigs that we found on our outings to create eco-chic, festive ornaments. 

The essentials:

Local park

Heavy duty scissors



The decorations:

Glue gun


Pine cones

Holly leaves and berries

Dried orange slices

Cinnamon stick

Star Anise

The extras:



Snow spray


1.First of all, embark on a mission to your local park (or your backyard) to find natural materials that can be used to make your decorations.

2. Gather twigs, pine cones and holly. Before use, give them a light clean with a damp cloth to remove any dirt.

3. Cut your twigs into four equal size pieces, any size you want them to be. 

4. Lay one twig on top of the other and tie them together with string. (Don't worry if all your twigs are different - they should be! Mix and match; vary the thickness and colors.)

5. Repeat with another two or three twigs to create a star shape, made from twigs. This is your basic decoration. Make as many as you want, then decorate them (see below). 

6.Keep them natural by only incorporating other found items such as pine cones and holly or introduce collage materials like ribbon and buttons. 

Decorative ideas

-       Spritz your fern, twigs or pine cones with snow spray to add a wintry, alfresco theme.

-       Add glitter along the surface of the twigs so they twinkle under the lights.

-       Stick on buttons for a homely touch.

-       Tie on bows made from printed ribbons.

-       Make dried orange slices to stick on. Slice up an orange, blot it dry with tissue then put them in the oven for about three hours on the lowest heat, turning every half an hour, until dry. 

Don’t spend money on new decorations – gather natural foliage around your home and craft your own.

Craft created by Momtaz Begum-Hossain. Follow her on Twitter: @TheCraftCafe

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