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Timberland Serves: 1 Million Hours Reached

Giving back

At Timberland, we’ve always made sustainability in our local communities a priority. That’s why we have our Path of Service program which allows full-time staff up to 40 paid hours for community service, as well as our two company-wide global service days.

Since 1992, our pillar service events (Earth Day and Serv-A-Palooza) have been a way for our employees to really get involved. Every year we provide each full-time employee with forty paid hours to give back to the community, and these two events help achieve those hours.

Our team works on everything from urban greening projects, to beach clean ups, to fitting and donating boots and shoes to disadvantaged children and refurbishing their schools so they can achieve their goals.

This year, we’ve surpassed 1 million hours of service. For an idea of what that looks like, in a million hours...

Atlanta McIlGraith, the Senior Manager of Community Engagement and Communications says, “We serve in the community because we feel it’s extremely important to give back to the community where our employees live, work and play. It benefits the community, in terms of employee labor and the materials we bring to the service site, but it’s also a huge benefit for us as a company. It brings us together as a team and creates leaders – all while people are giving back.” 

Want to know how else Timberland is making an impact? Check out our 5-year reforestation project in Haiti documented in the film Kombit: The Cooperative.