Scout Sixteen on His Fall Essentials

City slicker

Scout Sixteen, aka Justin Livingston, is a travel and fashion blogger living in NYC. He tells us what he’s wearing for fall.

Timberland is a brand I’ve worn for much of my life; as long as I can remember, I’ve always had at least a handful of pieces in my wardrobe.

Growing up in Mississippi, Timberland became an integral part of my ethos – especially in a place where the terrain can transform from rustic to rugged in a matter of minutes.

Wherever my adventurous spirit took me, Timberland was often right by my side (or, rather, protecting my feet).

In this look above, I’m wearing Thompson Lake Slim Fit Selvage Denim jeans, paired with these hand-crafted 6-inch Lineman Boots and my Nantasket Leather Denim Fabric bag to carry around my city essentials.

Moving to New York City wasn’t an easy task. Aside from general culture shock, I was settling into a vastly different environment – trading farms and livestock for fifth-floor walk-ups and an ocean of taxis - but I quickly learned that to satisfy my fearless spirit, I would have to tackle a much more modern set of trails… think subways, sidewalks, and stairwells. The Shrewsbury Peak Waterproof Blazer (pictured above) can handle this new trail; it’s great for unpredictable weather (how many other blazers are waterproof?) and is still polished enough to pull an outfit together.

It’s been over eight years since I moved here, and I’m still charmed by this place. I no longer pull riskier moves like riding ATVs in the dark or attempting to tame wild snakes (true story!) but I’m still the same person. I never lost my bold zest for life and I never lost my love for Timberland.

Timberland has always been at the forefront of style. The ubiquitous boot (you know the one…) has been on the feet of almost every fashion-conscious person on Earth. 

But did you know Timberland is so much more than just than one boot? Aside from being one of the most respected brands in the outdoor space, they also carry a vast catalog of products fit for your everyday.

From slim-cut selvedge denim to weatherproof blazers, Timberland takes the mathematics out of staying stylish by offering pieces that transition as easily from work to weekend as you do! So go ahead, take to your modern trail with rugged, functional, and – most importantly – stylish pieces from Timberland.

Believe me, your body will thank you.

Scout Sixteen is a fashion and travel blog run by New Yorker Justin Livingston