The Red Release: Meet Paloma Elsesser

Red Hot

When it comes to street style, confidence and authenticity, no one does it quite like Paloma Elsesser. A native of Los Angeles, the 23-year-old writer now lives in New York with a healthy following on Instagram where she always delivers her distinct style combined with brains, beauty and a good dose of sass.

Recently, she modeled our latest Limited Release Collection. The Red Release 6-inch Premium Boot is part of a one-of-a-kind monochromatic red collection available in men’s, kids and junior’s sizes (ladies, you can fit the junior’s sizes too).

We sat down with Paloma to get the inside scoop on her style influences and how she’d wear the Red Release boots.

How old were you when you bought your first pair of Timberland boots - and what inspired the purchase?

I was in the 6th grade. I bought a pair of classic wheats from the Beverly Center with money I saved.

At the time, my desire for them was purely aesthetic - I grew up in LA and who needs Timberlands in LA? 

Growing up in LA, who were your style influences?

I've gone through a slew of style phases but always had roots in hip-hop style and culture. I pull from influences throughout Chicano culture.

My favorite era is late 80s, early 90s.  I also grew up around a lot of boys so I would extract from what the guys were wearing - cargos, workwear and sneakers. 

Has your style changed since you moved to New York?

I wouldn't say my style changed - I'd say it has evolved. I don't look like a completely different person. My style has always remained cohesive. I definitely dress more practical and for comfort just based off of how demanding the city is. 

When you hear the word “red,” what comes to mind?


What are three things you’d pair with these Red Release Boots?

1. Black or white overalls
2. Gingham skirt
3. Baggy cargo pants and crop top 

Three things you’d pair with these Red Release Boots on your boyfriend:

1. A well-cut jean and white T-shirt combo (important)
2. Overalls
3. Jeans and a hoodie

One piece of advice for women and girls who look to you for body confidence?

Be as honest as possible. Eat honestly. Diet honestly. Wear clothes that are honest to you. Find what works for you and the confidence will follow.

Fill in the blank:

I can’t leave home without my …. headphones and perfume.
When I think of Timberland, I think of …. authenticity.
This fall I can’t wait to wear … turtlenecks.
I’m currently coveting … a vacation.
Currently listening toMazzy Star and Future
When in doubt, wear … a dress and sneakers.


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