That’s a wrap: the MarkMakers send-off party

Our MarkMakers journeyed from Chicago to Los Angeles taking in the sights and signature foods of each city along the way. Find out how they concluded their road trip.

MarkMakers party

The end of every journey deserves a memorable send-off.  After our four MarkMakers reached their final stop of their road trip, they celebrated in West Hollywood. Their farewell party included artists, media, and LA’s emerging creatives.

MarkMakers road trip

Their 9-day roadtrip ended with a dawn visit to the Hollywood Bowl and for a final stop, they headed to a wrap party at Edge Studios, a popular venue for artists to collaborate and also well-known as a prime photoshoot location in West Hollywood.

The event, presented with the LA-based retailer American Rag Cie, showcased the talents of our MarkMakers among a host of family and friends. Edge Studios, a vast warehouse-like studio, was decked out with personalized installations for each MarkMaker.

Kevin Russ and Amanda Valdez Timberland MarkMakers

Photographer and MarkMaker Kevin Russ had a selection of his favorite photographs from his travels transferred onto canvas, including one of his favorites showcasing his encounter with a group of wild horses during his trip around the Arizona desert.

Amanda Valdez Timberland MarkMakers

Artist and MarkMaker Amanda Valdez also had some of her best works transferred from her studio to L.A to create an awe-inspiring art installation with her mixed media works that tied in both paintings and meticulous weaving work.

Street Etiquette Timberland MarkMakers

MarkMaker style and creative team Street Etiquette had their most popular photographs turned into canvas prints as part of their own installation, showing off what they’ve become known for the world over: impeccable style.

Samantha Ronson Timberland

DJ Samantha Ronson put together a mix of eclectic beats and turned the dancefloor into a blur of extravagant color and style.

Timberland MarkMakers Hors D'Oeuvres
Timberland MarkMakers Drink Menu

Guests and hosts sipped on signature cocktails made from Texas vodka distillery Tito’s: the MarkMakers Mule ( Tito’s handmade vodka, ginger beer and fresh lime) and the Bramble Road (vodka, blackberries, fresh lemon, simple syrup and seltzer).

Timberland MarkMakers Social Media Installation

From strolling around downtown Chicago, rubbing elbows with the concert-goers in Austin, Texas and adventuring through the Arizona desert, our MarkMakers experienced a lot on the road.

But there’s always more to come. It may be the end, but it isn’t goodbye - stay in touch with our MarkMakers and follow their journeys with #MarkMakers on Twitter and Instagram. Share your own journey with #inmyelement.