Made For The Modern Trail

Made For
The Modern Trail

The Modern Trail is your journey - the adventures you’re on and the ones yet to be taken. Get lost on purpose and find other explorers on The Modern Trail.

“I always have at least one place that I want to go, but it's never the place that ends up being the best thing about the trip." - Kevin Russ

When photographer Kevin Russ took to the road to pursue his craft, he was embarking on an unknown journey that has now led him to awe-inspiring photographs, a large fanbase on Instagram and adventures he could have never predicted.

As a Timberland MarkMaker, Kevin embodies the spirit of what we call The Modern Trail.

We’re on the move more than ever - traveling for work and play, pursuing new daily adventures or taking our lives in a whole new, unexpected direction. The Modern Trail is about making discoveries and finding ways to see the world, be they off the beaten path with friends or getting lost on purpose.

It’s any unexpected and unmissable exploration, even if it’s stumbling across a new landmark in your hometown or hiking to the outer limits of a foreign city. It’s about connecting with fellow people on the trail and letting them inspire us.

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You’re on the Modern Trail right now. We want you share what you see, who you meet, what you discover and all the exciting adventures (big and small) that you have every day.

Together, we want to inspire and collaborate and share what we discover on the trail, too. Tag us on your #ModernTrail and you’ll instantly connect with fellow explorers.

At Timberland, everything we make is made for The Modern Trail. From our boots to our jackets to our bags, our products are crafted with your excursions in mind – be it stargazing, cutting out early, taking detours, collaborating with new friends, or wandering off the well-traveled route to find your own path.

Through sudden spring rainstorms or warm summer nights, crisp fall afternoons or cold winter days, we’re here to outfit you for the journey on The Modern Trail.

And when life throws you an unexpected twist, just heed the words of one of our upcoming MarkMakers, a modern-day musician, who sums it up nicely. “Just do the opposite of what everyone else is doing.”

See you on the #ModernTrail.